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de Hewitt House of Radio is a network of like minded White Aryan men and women combining our creativity, talents and energy in order to destroy our jew enemy and their various proxy armies who are actively genociding our White Aryan Race.

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The Aryan Way: Episode XVI – Who Will Free the White Slaves from Jew CORPORATIONS and Usury?

William de Hewitt talks about modern day jew slave masters who enslave the White Aryan Race via their CORPORATIONS. He also discusses the American Constitution and Declaration of In-dependence and how those documents have been made null and void making them unusable at the moment as tools to fight our jew slave masters.

white slavery 3


Opening song: Alestorm “Keelhauled”
Closing Song: Type O Negative “White Slavery”

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white sex slaves


The Aryan Way: Episode XV – Jew Deceptions, The Junited Nations and More Jew Lies

William de Hewitt and The VeGAINator do a third show together and talk about the undeclared war jews are waging against our White Aryan Race, their deceptions. proxy armies, their jew lies, solutions and tactics we can use to fight back and much, much more.

The veGAINator and dehewitt


Henry Rollins Band “Liar”
Broken Social Scene “Texico Bitches”

talmud goyim are animals


The Aryan Way: Episode XIV – Are You Prepared For the Inevitable South African Niggroid “Bug Out?” Oh! and Jew Controlled ADL Anti-Semites

William de Hewitt talks about the inevitable niggroid “Bug Out” in South Africa, encourages his Folk to be prepared, talks about our enslavement to jew CORPORATIONS, explains his solitude, while living in Brooklyn NYC to purify himself from all the toxicity we’re all surrounded by and finally calls out the fake, controlled opposition ADL “Hateful Anti-Semites” who are mostly jews, sodomites and bitch bois.


Opening song: A Tribe Called Quest “Buggin’ Out”
Closing song: Tool “Aenima”

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nigger threats

The Aryan Way: Episode XIII – Self-Determination For White South African Aryans?

William de Hewitt picks up where he left off from last show and delves a little deeper into self-determination for White South African Aryans. Other topics include Orania, jew supremacy projected onto White South Africans and much more.


Type O Negative “Who Will Save the Sane”
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions “Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken”

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The Aryan Way: Episode XII – Diagnosing and Eliminating Our International Parasite Problem

William de Hewitt diagnosis the White Aryan Race’s parasite problem in South Africa, well, worldwide really.
Most think it’s the niggroid, muslims, mestisos and other mixed races because that’s who they see out in the open, however I for one know better and attempt to clear up this common mistake too many White South African Aryans make.


Intro: Borat “Throw the Jew Down the Well”
Opening song: The Unband “Pink Slip”
Closing song: Devo “It’s A Beautiful World”

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Last Boer General Fears For the Future
Whites Only Have 5 Years Left In South Africa

parasites of Aryan man

The Aryan Way: Episode XI – The Plan

William de Hewitt talks a little about his novel The Second Coming… Again and it’s intended meaning, which I expected most would not initially grasp.
Other topics I tied in are the karmic wheel, trans-humanism and White Nationalist symbols.


Built to Spill “The Plan”
Collective Soul “The World I Know”

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The Aryan Way: Episode X -The Resurrection of General Antiochus

William de Hewitt and The General, Dana Antiochus have a reunion. Dana’s show, Aristocracy of Blood was the first radio show I’d ever done and now I’m pleased to have him join Sledge’s and my team at de Hewitt House of Radio.
Listen and hear what we discussed…


Opening song: Chimaira “Resurrection”
Closing song: Probot “Red War”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode XII – The DEPRESSION Show

The show will be back up shortly

William de Hewitt talks to Mike Sledge about depression, our enslavement to the jew world order system, solutions, then we realise it’s tougher than we think and Sledge becomes depressed again.
See you next week…???


Opening: The Exploited – from “Eyes of A Vulture”

First song: Joy Division “Isolation”

Closing song: Pink Floyd “Waiting On the Worms”


The Aryan Way: Episode IX – Siegfried the Initiate: Wagner’s Gnostic Teachings of Aryan Divinity

William de Hewitt does his best to explain the mystery teachings behind the great Germanic Initiate and “Dragon Slayer” Siegfried in Wagner’s opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen: Siegfried.

Siegfried and the Dragon 2

Siegfried “Slaying the Dragon”

kundilini serpent

This is how you become Siegfried and “Slay the Dragon” in real life…

By using the Serpent/Kundalini & transmuting your sexual energy

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Opening song: Faun “Wind und Geige”
Closing song: Richard Wagner “Siegfried Idyll”

smite the jew

The Aryan Way: Episode VIII – The Law of Pendulum

William de Hewitt attempts to identify and pin point the brief moment in time where we can escape The Law of the Pendulum, which is the Karmic Wheel of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction, Happiness and Sadness or Yin and Yang.

pendulum merry-go-round.jpg

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Opening song: David Gilmour “There’s No Way Out of Here”
Closing song: Nizlopi “Homage To Young Men”


The Aryan Way: Episode VII – BLACKOUT


William de Hewitt talks about the BLACKOUT in many parts of the Eastern Cape yesterday and expresses his justified contempt concerning the Afrikaner jews and niggroids who are running ESKOM, South Africa’s electric utility company. (Back into the stone age)

nigger rigged electricity


Opening song: Eddy Grant “Electric Avenue”
Closing song: Tom T. Hall “Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On”

nigger electricity