William de Hewitt on Inside the Eye with the Fetch 10/24/2015

inside the eye with the fetch

A few years ago, I was a guest on my friend, Dennis Fetcho’s Saturday morning radio show called Inside the Eye with the Fetch. Karin Smith was on the hour before me. She gave us her usual shtick of regurgitating textbook South African History, which is written by our jew enemy. This show was around the time I started to call controlled opposition like her and SAFRP out. I later proved that SAFRP’s Director before Oxley was a jewess named Nicky Kruger who gave niggroids a large portion of the donations White Aryan Folk from around the world give them. Nothing changed when Oxley took over, a lot of your hard earned $hekle$ still go to niggroids. As usual, I took a lot of heat for telling the truth like it is. Today I am pleased that I took this stand and that I was eventually proven right yet again.
Hour 3 there’s a colored South African on who has no idea what’s really happening in South Africa and even went as far as suggesting that White Folk are not being Genocided in South Africa.

If you want to get straight to my appearance, I’m on starting around the 1 hour 37 minute mark.

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