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Boervolk Radio: Moshesh and Free State Farmers


Theuns from Boervolk Radio talks about early Free State settlers and the Basotho under Moshesh. Moshesh (pictured) lead a surprise attack on Seconyella and conquered the area in which Golden Gate lies (Casalis, 1997). The Orange Free State became an independent republic in 1853, and after this numerous Basotho wars were waged. The era after the second Basotho war is of importance for Golden Gate because the farms which later became the park were incorporated into the OFS as part of the area which was conquered by the joined forces of the Transvaal and OFS.

Boervolk Radio: 1960 Cottesloe Church and Political Fraud

cottesloe conference

The Cottesloe Consultation was a conference held from December 14–17, 1960 in Cottesloe, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa.[1] The immediate impetus for the consultation was the international public outcry against the Sharpeville massacre that had taken place the previous March.[2] Prior to the consultation’s convening, Hendrik Verwoerd, who was Prime Minister of South Africa at the time, called the consultation “an attempt by foreigners to meddle in the country’s internal affairs”.[3] The consultation was sponsored by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and all of the WWC member bodies in South Africa sent ten delegates to participate in the discussion.

At the consultation, the member bodies were urged to push the government of South Africa towards greater inclusion of black people in political office.[7] The delegates agreed on the adoption of the Cottesloe Statement, which rejected “unjust” discrimination in various forms and made several specific resolutions with respect to such issues as freedom of religion, migrant work, and due process.[8]

The boldest clause in the statement was the resolution that black residents of areas designated as “white” by apartheid legislation should be granted suffrage.[9] The Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) in South Africa rejected the Cottesloe Statement as too theologically liberal, despite the fact that DRC theologians had been represented at the consultation and had agreed to the statement.[10]

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Boervolk Radio: Political and Faith Aggression Against the Boers

Boervolk Radio: Political and Faith Aggression Against the Boers

On this episode of Boervolk Radio the enemies of the Boer Folk are identified. There are several tactics used to destroy and ultimately genocide Boers, nonetheless politics and faith based Christinsanity are two of the most devastating.

I am pleased to have a network with individuals who speak in other White Aryan languages such as Boers. (not Afrikaans) I do not understand every word spoken, however I know Theuns and I agree 99.99999% of the time.

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Boervolk Radio: Angus Buchan – The Farmer’s Repentance

Theuns talks about Liberal Afrikaner and christinsane, Angus Buchan, a former Zimbabwean potato farmer who is famously known for having “Prayer Day” on April 22 of this year.

A day of prayer was organised in order to take a stand against the current governance situation in South Africa. Buchan led people in prayer calling for a “Christian government.”  South Africans from around the country flocked to a farm in Bloemfontein, so many in fact, that organisers were claiming over 1 million people attended the event.

Buchan has said that prayer works so well that it cures homosexuality, illness and depression. Evidently prayer does not cure White Genocide though because there are still plenty of White South Africans continuing to be GENOCIDED at an alarming rate by the day.

Boervolk Radio: Preparation


White South Africans must start preparing for White Genocide if they have not already. Everyday someone is being raped, tortured and murdered by the savage niggroid who openly tells us they will Genocide every last one of us.

My track coach had a saying I think all White South Africans ought to adopt for themselves, especially when it comes time to physically fight.

Proper Preperation Prevents PissPoor Performances

prepare for victory