Spirit of The Aryan: Episode XII – The DEPRESSION Show

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William de Hewitt talks to Mike Sledge about depression, our enslavement to the jew world order system, solutions, then we realise it’s tougher than we think and Sledge becomes depressed again.
See you next week…???


Opening: The Exploited – from “Eyes of A Vulture”

First song: Joy Division “Isolation”

Closing song: Pink Floyd “Waiting On the Worms”


Spirit of The Aryan: Episode X – Fallen Aryan Angels and Lucifer, Satan the Boogeymen




William de Hewitt first talks about Halel and Fallen Aryan Angels then Mike Sledge breaks down Christinsanity’s boogeymen Lucifer and Satan. We then dissect and tie the topics all together for our unlearned religious Folk out there who still don’t get that Christinsanity is a tool of the jew used to infect the White Aryan Race with mind viruses and parasites, which makes us docile, weak, pathetic and prime for Genocide.


Fallen Angels or Fallen Aryans?

by William de Hewitt

Opening song: The Rolling Stones “Sympathy For the Devil”
Closing song: Cream “Pressed Rat and Warthog”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VIII -America’s Last Stand and the Sounding of the Last Trumpet


William de Hewitt is challenged by the good Rev Peter J Gabriel and Rebbe Abrahmavich for a showdown.


Opening Song: Dimmu Borgir “Serpentine Offering”


(Watch the video for better understanding of this song)

Closing Song: Five Finger Death Punch “Boots and Blood”


Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VII – Jew Fascism in the Technocratic Age of Nuclear Deception

jew science header image episode 7

 Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt break down the history of fraudulent science, the nuclear deception, politics of blackmail and religious enslavement!



Opening Song: Killing Joke “Requiem”
Closing Song: The Humans “I Live In the City”

Spirit of the Aryan: Episode V


My computer malfunctioned towards the end of the show. You will hear an annoying low frequency hum that came out of nowhere. I’ve never had anything like this happen before… and it was not a bad connection!
Do not allow the technical difficulties deter you from listening to the very important message Sledge and I are putting out there for you.

This is a very good show Sledge did a few years back about Chicago. We discussed Richard Dicky Spencer and his Chicago connection during the show.

You will learn a hell of a lot listening to this archive of Mike’s.

Fire Up the Ovens: Episode II -From Risotto to Grits

hitler ramsay

Fire Up the Ovens with Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt is a groundbreaking cooking show where two Aryan men discuss food, drink, cooking and jews of course. They also share family recipes with one another and the listener.

Spirit of the Aryan: Episode IV

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE IV


Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt break down Trump, Syria and the false flag (((gassing))) jews blamed on Assad to fool the goyim yet once again in order to justify an attack and fulfill The Greater Israel Project. We then tie it all together with our severed Aryan Spiritual roots.

it's the fucking jews 2

Show Music:

Opening Song: Corrosion of Conformity “Vote With a Bullet”

Closing Song: Slayer “God Hates Us All”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode II

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE II

The Lord of Lords

Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt discuss some groundbreaking topics. Listen and learn what’s so important. Be here or be nowhere! #Jews #Mike Sledge #William de Hewitt #House of El #Kehillah #Circle of 12 #Council of 300   #de Hewitt House of Radio #de Hewitt House of Publications #Fallen Angels #Fallen Aryans #Elohim

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode I

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE I


William de Hewitt and Mike Sledge talk about Christinsanity, parasite JEWS and other problems they cause the White Aryan Race. Other topics include our new radio network we’re starting in the near future, Aryan Spirituality, South African and American Colonies, Trump and much, much more. Be here or be nowhere!