The Aryan Way: Episode III – A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves… PLEASE!

William de Hewitt sits down and talks to his fellow White South African Aryans about the dire situation we find ourselves in.
He expands on his article A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves.


Opening Song: Joy Division “Wilderness”
Closing Song: Mission of Burma “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”


Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VIII -America’s Last Stand and the Sounding of the Last Trumpeter


William de Hewitt is challenged by the good Rev Peter J Gabriel and Rebbe Abrahmavich for a showdown.


Opening Song: Dimmu Borgir “Serpentine Offering

(Watch the video for better understanding of this song)

Closing Song: Five Finger Death Punch “Boot and Blood”


The Aryan Way: Episode II w/ Guest: The VeGAINator – White Genocide and the Hidden Jew Hand Behind It


This podcast involves a lot of the basics of white genocide and the jewish influence and control behind it on the subjects of South Africa, Slavery, Integration, Immigration, Kalergi Plan, Miscegenation, Race-Mixing, Blacks, Detroit, Federal Reserve, Central Banking, MGTOW, feminism, money, history, White Nationalism, White Advocacy, “Human and Civil Rights”, Equality, Tolerance, Racism, Racists, KKK, National Socialism Germany, Wars, Military, Donald Trump, Hollywood, Music Industry and so much more.


Opening Song: Anti-Heroes “Fuck Hollywood”

Closing Song: NOFX: “Don’t Call Me White”


Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VII – Jew Fascism in the Technocratic Age of Nuclear Deception

 Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt break down the history of fraudulent science, the nuclear deception, politics of blackmail and religious enslavement!

jew science header image episode 7


Opening Song: Killing Joke “Requiem”
Closing Song: The Humans “I Live In the City”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode VI – THE EGO SHOW

de Hewitt goes solo this week and talks about the ego(s) Gnosis, Aryan Spirituality, Divinity and of course jews. Do you really think I could possibly leave them out, Folks?


Works cited:

Gnostic Students

Opening song: Megadeth “Sweating Bullets”
Closing Song: Led Zeppelin “In the Light”


The Aryan Way: Episode I – William talks to Ralph from The Militia Intelligence Report


William de Hewitt and Ralph from the Militia Intelligence Report discuss a variety of topics.
Topics include jews, Militia Intelligence Report, The Aryan Way, South Africa, Separatism is not racist, jews are not White, race mixing, Trump is no Friend of Mine, Egos, christinsanity, Christ Consciousness, Freedom of Association, Aryan Spirituality, No Land for the White Aryan Man, STRAW MAN and much, much more.


Opening song: Stereo Lab – “Les Yper Sound”

Closing song: Pantera – “Walk”

Spirit of the Aryan: Episode V


My computer malfunctioned towards the end of the show. You will hear an annoying low frequency hum that came out of nowhere. I’ve never had anything like this happen before… and it was not a bad connection!
Do not allow the technical difficulties deter you from listening to the very important message Sledge and I are putting out there for you.

This is a very good show Sledge did a few years back about Chicago. We discussed Richard Dicky Spencer and his Chicago connection during the show.

You will learn a hell of a lot listening to this archive of Mike’s.

Fire Up the Ovens: Episode II -From Risotto to Grits

hitler ramsay

Fire Up the Ovens with Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt is a groundbreaking cooking show where two Aryan men discuss food, drink, cooking and jews of course. They also share family recipes with one another and the listener.

Spirit of the Aryan: Episode IV

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE IV


Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt break down Trump, Syria and the false flag (((gassing))) jews blamed on Assad to fool the goyim yet once again in order to justify an attack and fulfill The Greater Israel Project. We then tie it all together with our severed Aryan Spiritual roots.

it's the fucking jews 2

Show Music:

Opening Song: Corrosion of Conformity “Vote With a Bullet”

Closing Song: Slayer “God Hates Us All”