The Aryan Way: Episode VI – Do Aryans Love War or Does it Only Appear We Love it Because We’re Forced Into and Excel at It?

William attempts to redo Friday night’s show due to a poor internet connection.
Topics include his road trip to King William’s Town with his wife on Friday, a question someone typed into his website browser, rejecting banks, loans, buying a home, heeb governments in former White countries helping White Aryan South Africans, GMO in South Africa and finally the extremely high death rate of middle age White men.

whitey unarmed


Opening song: Probot “I Am the Warlock”

Intermission song: The Walkmen “We’ve Been Had”

Closing song: Billy Corgan and New Order “Turn My Way”

White genocide levitts GOOD IMAGE

White Nationalism

The Aryan Way: Episode V – All the Young Judes Carry the News and the Gullible Goyim Gobble it ALL Up

On this episode of The Aryan Way, I’m going to simulcast via de Hewitt House of Radio and FB for those of you who like live radio and are on FB often.
I’m going to talk about a few concepts today. One is ignoring the jew media and putting forth our thoughts, ideas and concerns, which benefit The White Aryan Race. Why do we allow ourselves to be consumed with their lies and distractions? Even if there is a nugget of truth in their stories, we are not given the rest of the facts in order to come to a logical and correct conclusion. That is unless you’re like me and know what they’re doing to us without even having to know all of the facts. Their playbook never changes, yet the lemmings never catch on.
listen only to jew

Unfortunately it is much worse than that… When we consume their stories, whether you know it or not, you’re being infected with a heeb mind virus.

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Opening song: Mott the Hoople “All the Young Dudes Carry the News”
Closing song: Don Henley “Dirty Laundry”

Militia Intelligence Report: Psyops & Jewish Military Occupation

Psyops & Jewish Military Occupation 

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chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia opens with analysis of the week in Geopolitics. david dauterive, ziggy kelleher, and clifford ebberhardt break down Donald Trump’s False Flag Birthday Gifts, The London Block Tower Fire, The Congressional Baseball Shooting, The UPS Shooting, Mike Pence new lawyer, Jeff Bezos Amazon & Whole Foods, Kim Jung Un-Dennis Rodman The Art of The Deal, Rosneft, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein the one world Government Agenda plus much more.


Boervolk Radio: Moshesh and Free State Farmers


Theuns from Boervolk Radio talks about early Free State settlers and the Basotho under Moshesh. Moshesh (pictured) lead a surprise attack on Seconyella and conquered the area in which Golden Gate lies (Casalis, 1997). The Orange Free State became an independent republic in 1853, and after this numerous Basotho wars were waged. The era after the second Basotho war is of importance for Golden Gate because the farms which later became the park were incorporated into the OFS as part of the area which was conquered by the joined forces of the Transvaal and OFS.

William de Hewitt on Inside the Eye with the Fetch 10/24/2015

inside the eye with the fetch

A few years ago, I was a guest on my friend, Dennis Fetcho’s Saturday morning radio show called Inside the Eye with the Fetch. Karin Smith was on the hour before me. She gave us her usual shtick of regurgitating textbook South African History, which is written by our jew enemy. This show was around the time I started to call controlled opposition like her and SAFRP out. I later proved that SAFRP’s Director before Oxley was a jewess named Nicky Kruger who gave niggroids a large portion of the donations White Aryan Folk from around the world give them. Nothing changed when Oxley took over, a lot of your hard earned $hekle$ still go to niggroids. As usual, I took a lot of heat for telling the truth like it is. Today I am pleased that I took this stand and that I was eventually proven right yet again.
Hour 3 there’s a colored South African on who has no idea what’s really happening in South Africa and even went as far as suggesting that White Folk are not being Genocided in South Africa.

If you want to get straight to my appearance, I’m on starting around the 1 hour 37 minute mark.

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The Aryan Way: Episode IV – South Africa! White Folk Must Fight!

William de Hewitt and The VeGAINator talk about (((human and civil rights and equality))), white genocide and how the future of White European homelands are turning into South Africa, the double standards for Whites compared to other races, especially when it comes to violence. We then wrap up the show by talking about diet, food, and veganism.


Opening Song: Bully Boys “White Kids Gonna Fight”

Closing Song: Vigil “White Magic Spell”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode XI – Destroy or Be Destroyed

destroy or be destroyed tuatha de danann

On this episode of Spirit of The Aryan William de Hewitt goes a little deeper into what he and Mike Sledge talked about in Episode II.
Are we going to continue to allow Fallen Aryan Angels and their jew proxies genocide us, or are we going to fight back?
Morals will not get us ANYWHERE, we need Aryan Ethics, and not the “Fallen One’s” perverted version we’ve become indoctrinated and hypnotized with.
Listen and find out!

Works cited:

The Second Coming… Again

by William de Hewitt


Opening song: Pro-Pain “Destroy the Enemy”
Closing Song: Stereolab “Nihilist Assault Group” Parts 3,4 & 5

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode X – Fallen Aryan Angels and Lucifer, Satan the Boogeymen




William de Hewitt first talks about Halel and Fallen Aryan Angels then Mike Sledge breaks down Christinsanity’s boogeymen Lucifer and Satan. We then dissect and tie the topics all together for our unlearned religious Folk out there who still don’t get that Christinsanity is a tool of the jew used to infect the White Aryan Race with mind viruses and parasites, which makes us docile, weak, pathetic and prime for Genocide.


Fallen Angels or Fallen Aryans?

by William de Hewitt

Opening song: The Rolling Stones “Sympathy For the Devil”
Closing song: Cream “Pressed Rat and Warthog”

Fire Up the Ovens: Episode III – Protein

natural foods

William discusses protein and dispels the myth that you must eat meat in order to get the proper amount of protein needed each day.
He also talks about synthetic vitamins and supplements and tells us why they’re not healthful. Breatharianism and other related topics are also discussed.

The Chemical Industry Agenda: Chemicals Are Good For You, Goy!

by William de Hewitt

natures pharmacy is amazing

Works Cited:…protein.php…fographic/18093…protein-edition


Opening song: Bach Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major
Closing song: The Smiths “Meat Is Murder”

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode IX – Know Thyself… Your Enemies Do!

Engraving by Sir James Thornhill

William de Hewitt talks about his ‘new’ zodiac sign called Opiuchus, which falls within Sagittarius from a different angle than most. I also go into my Numerology and Gematria as an example, so that you may learn how to apply these tools to yourself in order to know who you are a little better.

Most importantly, I tie in C-Section births and explain why they are detrimental to us on multiple levels. I also tell you a foolproof way of determining if someone is a 100% pure Aryan or not.



birthday chart

Ophiuchus: November 29 – December 17

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

I was born on November 30, 1974, which was the Year of the Tiger/Cat in Chinese Astrology in case you were wondering why I chose the opening song 😉

Works cited:


Opening song: Al Stewart “Year of the Cat”
Closing song: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Blinded By the Light”

leaderless resistance

The Aryan Way: Episode III – A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves… PLEASE!

William de Hewitt sits down and talks to his fellow White South African Aryans about the dire situation we find ourselves in.
He expands on his article A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves.


Opening Song: Joy Division “Wilderness”
Closing Song: Mission of Burma “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”