Spirit of The Aryan: Episode XI – Destroy or Be Destroyed

destroy or be destroyed tuatha de danann

On this episode of Spirit of The Aryan William de Hewitt goes a little deeper into what he and Mike Sledge talked about in Episode II.
Are we going to continue to allow Fallen Aryan Angels and their jew proxies genocide us, or are we going to fight back?
Morals will not get us ANYWHERE, we need Aryan Ethics, and not the “Fallen One’s” perverted version we’ve become indoctrinated and hypnotized with.
Listen and find out!

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The Second Coming… Again

by William de Hewitt


Opening song: Pro-Pain “Destroy the Enemy”
Closing Song: Stereolab “Nihilist Assault Group” Parts 3,4 & 5

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode X – Fallen Aryan Angels and Lucifer, Satan the Boogeymen




William de Hewitt first talks about Halel and Fallen Aryan Angels then Mike Sledge breaks down Christinsanity’s boogeymen Lucifer and Satan. We then dissect and tie the topics all together for our unlearned religious Folk out there who still don’t get that Christinsanity is a tool of the jew used to infect the White Aryan Race with mind viruses and parasites, which makes us docile, weak, pathetic and prime for Genocide.


Fallen Angels or Fallen Aryans?

by William de Hewitt

Opening song: The Rolling Stones “Sympathy For the Devil”
Closing song: Cream “Pressed Rat and Warthog”