Spirit of The Aryan: Episode IX – Know Thyself… Your Enemies Do!

Engraving by Sir James Thornhill

William de Hewitt talks about his ‘new’ zodiac sign called Opiuchus, which falls within Sagittarius from a different angle than most. I also go into my Numerology and Gematria as an example, so that you may learn how to apply these tools to yourself in order to know who you are a little better.

Most importantly, I tie in C-Section births and explain why they are detrimental to us on multiple levels. I also tell you a foolproof way of determining if someone is a 100% pure Aryan or not.



birthday chart

Ophiuchus: November 29 – December 17

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

I was born on November 30, 1974, which was the Year of the Tiger/Cat in Chinese Astrology in case you were wondering why I chose the opening song 😉

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Opening song: Al Stewart “Year of the Cat”
Closing song: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Blinded By the Light”

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